• Power Plant Outage Services, LLC
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Turbine / Generators-Steam–Fossil

  • GE-Westinghouse-Siemens-Mitsubishi-Delaval-ABB-Worthington
  • BFPT-BFP-Byron Jackson-Worthington-Delaval

Power Generation – New Construction
Steam Turbine/Generator

Project Managers Responsibilities

  • Outage Management
  • Project Control
  • Cost Control
  • Schedule Compliance
  • Estimating
  • Provide Daily Updates to the Customer

Construction Managers Responsibilities

  • Project Management
  • Project Control
  • Cost Control
  • Contractor Oversight
  • Administrative Staff Management
  • Provide Daily Updates to the Customer

Technical Field Engineer (TFA) Responsibilities

  • Technical Field Engineering
  • Technical Advisors
  • Troubleshooting
  •  Consultation
  • Planning/Scheduling Assistance
  • FME Exclusion
  • Attend Tool Box Meetings
  • Provide Final Outage Report

Contractor Oversight Responsibilities

  • Represent the customer interest with contractor
  • Support Customer’s outage objectives
  • Coordinate work force interface activities
  • Attend Tool Box Meetings
  • Attend meetings
  • Supply updates

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Compliance Manager Responsibilities

  • Assure compliance with procedures
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Document QA/QC reviews
  • Provide final report to the customer

Planner Responsibilities

  • Plan the work scope and manpower requirements for the outage
  • Support schedulers in establishing the outage schedule
  • Review schedule prior, during and post outage and adjust as required
  • Supply the scheduler with daily updates to the schedule
  • Inventory review and assist with ordering parts required for the outage


Available prior to the start of work to review your work plans, outage plans, objectives and make recommendations to assure a smooth work flow with minimum alteration, avoid changes in scope and maintain proper staffing of personnel.


We have a number of experienced personnel who have years of experience as instruction supervisors in many fields including, but not limited to, mechanical, electrical and welding who are available to assist with your needs.

Administrative Personnel

Our administrative staff is proficient in supporting construction projects as well as utility outages. Their recording keeping, outage reports, and auditing is invaluable for the customer for their records. They assist with review of the contractor’s time sheets to avoid duplication. They also provide daily reports to the customer. They co ordinate the information, assemble the documentation, photos and publish the finally outage report.